WhatsApp per PC Laptop Windows 10/8/7 Mac OS Download

WhatsApp for PC: If you've never even heard of WhatsApp application, then they are probably living in the Stone. The application is so immensely popular almost everyone I know uses Whatsapp and I'm not kidding, also, my grandmother totally loves WhatsApp. It is one of the most popular applications to exist and certainly the best and most downloaded application messaging.

I honestly do not think there is any other app that gives these amazing features and did not cost anything. From the moment the Android devices hit the market, WhatsApp now has received a lot of love.

WhatsApp per PC Laptop Windows 10/8.1/7 Free download:



WhatsApp app is only available for Android devices, but also for ios, come pure per windows phone.

WhatsApp On PC:

Whatsapp App è stato progettato solo per i Telefoni e altri dispositivi di questo tipo, therefore, a PC version was not yet done so we can download on our personal computer easily with the help of a very simple software, known as an emulator.

The emulators are popular enough and if you are not familiar with what an emulator, Do not worry! I'll explain it all to you!

an emulator, what we are talking about here is software that you can download and with the help of which you can use your computer as a device Android. Not only WhatsApp for PC, you will be able to download all the Android applications on your PC and use them without problems.

Uno dei migliori emulatori che è altamente raccomandato, not only me, but a lot of other people is Bluestacks. Download Bluestacks is super simple and the same with its use. E ‘ just like with any Android. Written below is all that you need to follow for download.

How to download BlueStacks emulator for PC:

  • Vai a Bluestacks sito ufficiale che è Scarica Bluestacks 2. From this site you can download for free Bluestacks.
  • Vai al sito e lì si vedrà di colore blu scatola, on which 'Download Bluestacks' is written. Click on that option. You'll notice that the download process has already begun. The .apk can be quickly downloaded to a minute, especially if you have a good internet connection.
  • Yesteryear that the download process is complete, simply click on it to be able to launch the app.
  • click on “run” to start the application. After that click 'Continue'. The software is now installed and ready for use.
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Now that you have BlueStacks, We try to start the download process for application Whatsapp!

How to Download WhatsApp for Windows PC using Bluestacks:

These are the following steps to be performed to be able to download WhatsApp using the software Bluestacks.

  • Aprire il Blustacks software. You can see that there is a search bar. Just as it would have in the google play store or apple app store, you must type the name of the app in particular that you're aiming for download. I our case, Whatsapp is what we are trying now to download and use on your PC.
  • WhatsApp type in the search bar and press enter.
  • you will see that the search results are visible then click WhatsApp app and then install it.
  • Only within a minute (It depends on your internet connection), the installation process is complete, the app is completely ready and downloaded to your PC to use.


all you need to know about how to download the program on your PC. Here are some features of WhatsApp app that make it irresistible. Here are some of the reasons showing why WhatsApp is one of the most successful applications and why such a huge amount of people who use and love let it be any country.

WhatsApp for PC Features:

  • The user interface is super simple, clean, Elegant. The application is so easy to use that even though it's your little baby you want to use, or is the grandmother who wants to use. Those who know the basic way for using a mobile phone will be able to use and enjoy this application, without any problem.
  • The WhatsApp application works on all types of platforms.
  • You do not need to create a username or password to use Whatsapp. You do not need to look for the username ( most of whom seek are usually taken ) o password ( so hard to remember and there are so many requirements, as there should be a lower case and upper case, at least one number and what does not! ). You just need to verify your phone number and that's it.
  • Messages could be the main application feature, but certainly not the only one. You can also make calls on Whatsapp and the best part is that it is totally free of cost. It does not matter even if the call that you are trying to do is a national or an international call, is still free of cost and all the requirement is that the people who are trying to call any other requirement and apps to be downloaded to your device and a good network connection.
  • You can also create groups of people on Whatsapp, app messaging and add up to 100 people in a group.
  • You can archive the chat and also get rid of them. You can star messages.
  • Sending all kinds of photos, documents, video, audio, note vocali, a person's position has never been so easy. You can also send contacts of people through Whatsapp.
  • You can maintain a profile picture as well as status for friends to see. It is up to you, you can decide who can see your profile photo and status.
  • You can block the annoying people. If you do this, can no longer annoy you with messages and you will not even be able to see your profile picture and status until they are blocked.
  • There's a lot of other things you can do! Surely, control app.
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Whatsapp for PC It is a free application that is truly amazing, so make sure you give it a try, if you have not already done.

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