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TBH Tempo App

The last shot of iOS App Store is TBH Time! In free apps categoria, TBH App for iOS app is the trend in the app store by 2 days!!! Anonymous app is just super awesome Sarahah App, which it was released a couple of months ago!

"If we can improve the mental health of millions of teenagers, It is a great success for us ", Nikita says Bier, co-founder of TBH Time! TBH download the app works primarily on issues which demand the positive things about your friends.

TBH Time

What is that TBH App?

The app contains the basic questions like "Who is the best smile?”, "Better to stay in touch with me after school", or "steals a free balloon on free balloon day." These types of questions are asked in the app where 4 friends' names to select with. This would give the person in front of an anonymous comment. It is not like any other app that sends anonymous comments or comments. Now let's take a look at the characteristics of FANTASTIC App for Android &iOS.

the FANTASTIC App Features for Android &iOS

Now, few people can request that this is an app will be used to intimidate someone? Let's hope not! Since most of the questions are asked in a positive way on objective and / or relationships or work or type of things friendship! Then, in practice this app does not show any kind of intimidation thing, instead, TBH Time App asks users a frank opinion regarding their friends!

Some of the interesting features of this app are as follows TBH! Be sure to read each and every feature so you do not lose the ability to use Time TBH App in the best way! here's to you!

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#1. a bag of questions are posed in TBH Application Time where you can meet a lot of friends anonymously!

#2. There is almost no limit to the questions posed in this TBH App.

#3. , The choices are better than your friends who are in chat, a lot of which are already on this app trend.

#4. Four options are given to you to select the answer to the question posed in TBH Time App for Android &iOS.

#5. A Time to answer the question, an anonymous comment has been sent to the user of TBH App.

Then, This is like TBH Time App works on both Android &iOS. Let's see how you can download FANTASTIC App on your Android & iOS devices.

TBH Time Download for iOS

The procedure to download TBH Time for iOS is pretty simple. Here is what all you need to follow the following entry of FANTASTIC guide for iOS App.

TBH Tempo App APK per Android

#1. Open the Safari browser and search for TBH Time for iOS.

#2. Yesteryear found the official result displayed on the search engine with "iTunes" in the title, simply click on it.

#3. Head to iTunes and click download button to download FANTASTIC App as it appeared on the screen.

#4. Hang until the app is downloaded on your iPhone / iPad.

#5. TBH Weather App su iOS 9, iOS 10 & iOS 11!

Then, this is how you can download & TBH installation Time App on iOS devices like iPhone and iPad. Now find out how to download TBH APK Download Time for Android devices.

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TBH Tempo APK per Android

There is no major difference between the installation of the TBH Android Time & TBH iOS App sul tuo smartphone e tablet. The steps for installing Android APK TBH time on their devices.

#1. in the first place, let me tell you, TBH APK Time is not available in Google Play Store at the moment.

#2. So either wait for the official TBH APK is issued, or reliance on third-party sources to install the TBH Time Android APK. Or just wait to see if it is available su Tutu App

#3. In this case, you can click this link to download TBH Android Weather App to install on your smartphone and tablet.

#4. Yesteryear you download the APK TBH time on your Android, the next step is to enable the Unknown Sources voice security settings options on your phone or tablet.

#5. If the process is completed, you can now safely install TBH Android APK on your mobile phone.

This is a detailed guide for downloading and installing TBH Time App on Android. There's no word on TBH PC version of Time, but looking at the popularity gained in 2 days, I'm pretty sure it will be released soon.

the last word on TBH

This application is the spread furiously around the world at the time. So make sure you do not fall into a trap of false TBH App to download from unknown websites. Just trust websites like Nox App Player to download any Android O Android on your smartphone.

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