Download WhatsApp Plus APK For Android Phone

everyone is familiar with the WhatsApp application available on the market. E ‘ one of the best applications and a must for all smartphone products. WhatsApp gives you free access to posts worldwide, additional expenses. Currently, the WhatsApp was acquired by the giant social networking site Facebook. Now let's talk about plus WhatsApp .apk application.

Whatsapp plus is a lot more like WhatsApp you can use on your smartphone, but it offers some extra features for use. This WhatsApp plus app is unofficial app that you can find on any smartphone platform, Consequently, You can be achieved only through third-party sources available on the internet. If the app's purpose is the same one that is free messaging with the help of internet because of its interesting features, It is appreciated by users of WhatsApp application.

WhatsApp Plus Apk File Download For Android Phone:


This app WhatsApp plus is more prominent than the original and allows you to customize your emoji and also you can customize much more, how to change wallpapers etc. It must be clear that they do not offer anything additional than the original WhatsApp application, but it is present in it that makes it more attractive for use. The app has a similar user interface as the original so I find very interesting than the original and you can not move to WhatsApp plus frequently.

This WhatsApp plus app is also updated its frequently filmmakers. Recently the app has been updated offering functionality for its users and many bug fixes have also been taken care of. The characteristics that he not be available in the original WhatsApp messenger. These features without technical skills and the use of other software app WhatsApp plus more challenging than the original WhatsApp messenger.

WhatsApp Plus Apk Features:

reading this amount of information that you might have had a surge in knowing that all the extras plus WhatsApp app offers functions?? This is obvious to happen with anyone, then without wasting any more of your time we will discuss the characteristics of it. The WhatsApp plus app features are mentioned below

  • You can hide last seen, hide the blue ticks as well as you can also hide the second ticks
  • It has the video calling feature added with a dummy, how to simulate a call on your smartphone
  • Added with many customization options for its users WhatsApp plus app.
  • WhatsApp Plus app is always updated with the original WhatsApp messenger app.
  • In app you can send any number of files and any file to anyone there is no restriction for it.
  • You can change the theme of your messenger with the available applications, It is not fresh.
  • You also have the option to change the WhatsApp plus app launcher.
  • It has built-in app lock that locks WhatsApp and saves his important text from other app that no third-party blocking.
  • You can also convert your messages characters and use different styles depending on what you like most.
  • It was clipboard function that lets you copy the status of a friend, and make your status, simple and fresh.
  • The limits of one's state of nature have increased 255 characters.
  • if you want to you you can be seen online forever with this app WhatsApp plus but only consumes battery.
  • The themes in use on your WhatsApp plus app can be shared with your friends, and vice versa.
  • The images can be configured so as to increase or decrease their size, pixels etc..
  • In app, you can have a log that tells you about your friends who are online at the moment.
  • You have all the backup options available
  • you can share all the pictures that are of very high quality, with the help of WhatsApp plus mode.

Then, Here we are with a list of all output, characteristics of Whatsapp plus application.

Download WhatsApp Plus Apk on your Android Smartphone:

Whatsapp plus download the app on your phone let us know about the app WhatsApp plus requirements on your smartphone. Download WhatsApp plus app on your smartphone, the following items are needed - WhatsApp plus downloader, network connection and backup of all chat on WhatsApp messenger.

e ‘ Now to download WhatsApp plus app, follow the instructions below, step by step,

Open the browser of your smartphone and search for Whatsapp plus downloader. When the search is complete download the downloader from an actual site available.

  • Yesteryear that the software is downloaded to your device, Close the browser and go to file manager for smartphones.
  • Search for download WhatsApp plus app. When you are touching the icon to open it.
  • The downloader will open only if you have activated the unknown resources of options in the settings of your Android smartphone. if you have not already done, please enable the settings of your Android smartphone.
  • a Volta that the downloader opens scroll down and see him WhatsApp plus apk files in it. Click on the file to install on your Android smartphone.
  • Yesteryear that the file is installed on your smartphone ionic appears on the home screen. Before opening the application go to the WhatsApp messenger original and the backup of all chat.
  • Now uninstall WhatsApp messenger from your smartphone.
  • open the app WhatsApp plus. Check your number and complete the requirements and enjoy WhatsApp plus on your smartphone.


I hope this article will help you download WhatsApp plus apk on your android phone. If you have any problems, no comments your problem below, we will try to solve the problem.

Download WhatsApp Plus APK For Android Phone

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