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nel Touch App: Salman Khan was planning a special app for its fans and the actor was about to launch his birthday. The actor has produced a buzz, since he proclaimed. He also tweeted about the same. The app is called the contact and the actor, it is now certain that it retains the enthusiasm and desire for height and then was teasing her fans on twitter. And now the app is finally alive! Yup, you have helped us on the right.

of Being in Touch App:


the 51 ° Birthday, Salman Khan has launched its official mobile application, entitled "BeingInTouch“, where you can find Salman Khan Biography, Film, Training Process, lifestyle, Songs and much more these things.


BeingInTouck Official App: Click Here to Download

This is the perfect app for Salman Khan fans. 25 years and over, and his fans, and the camera and still love him. He was an inspiration and role model for many. People always look forward to his work. Less and less time and life, yet, try to be as updated as possible. The app is very convenient for all and job placement to publish also fantastic events for all.

The app is so well designed and reliable to use. The quality of images and videos fluently. Everything is very, evidently, in cui circa Salman Khan. It is more of a jovial app.

very beautiful app, to be in contact with the Bollywood superstar, providing work and wall fan is a remarkable thing for his huge following of fans.

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To Be In Touch Features:

#BeingInTouch Mobile App will allow Salman Khan's fans to access almost everything about him, from all of its social media pages (FB, Twitter, Instagrametc.) never before seen video, the images of the stars to speak directly with his fans and sharing the fascinating bits of his life with them. The mobile app allowed to touch fans to be in touch with Salman, the actor, the artist or humanitarian, giving them a unique insight into different aspects of his personality.

The app is a unique destination for all Salman Khan fans and followers around the web to see him at his best truthful, Salman khan #BeingInTouch the app will have all the information on his film by Salman, songs personal fitness, family and friends. L’app, Furthermore, They have not hidden pictures and video images of Salman, speaking directly to his followers & fans showing them the sight of his true self, while he is talking of his tastes, hobby, his art, his animals, his life and his dislikes.

In PresentlyBeing Contact Mobile App is available on Google play store and will soon be available on the Apple App store for free, #BeingInTouch not only we give fans admission to exclusive content directly from Salman Khan, but also allow registered users to access their Facebook and Twitter on the app. Apart from being an extraordinary experience for Salman fans #BeingInTouch app will also return to the huge following of fans that the actor Dabbang has accumulated during his life. All registered users who download the app will be able to get fabulous discounts of various brands in the app.

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What it is said to be a gift for his fans, how the application will offer an overview of his life, per i fan.


With this special app, fans will have the opportunity to get in touch with Khan and have direct access to the various aspects of Khan personality through various social media pages. Furthermore, you will also have the video in which Salman will be seen talking about directing for his fans.

Birthday Salman took to micro-blogging site Twitter to start the application, where he welcomed all his fans on 'Contact' and praised them for download.

The app allows you to Salman fans to stay in touch with the actor and get his daily updates. Both his filmography and his latest tweet, now you can know everything through the app.

I hope that this is the best return from Salman Khan's birthday present gift for his fans and followers, the day of his birthday. Download and enjoy BeingInTouch App. Superstar Salman Khan, which is celebrating its 51 Birthday today, It launched its app today, which is defined as a 'Contact'.