Radice Coolpad Mega 2.5 D Within Minutes: 100% Metodo In Woking

You are looking for a tutorial for Coolpad Mega root 2.5 D? Consider the fact that this tutorial will allow you to root your device in a few minutes.

Furthermore, you do not need any computer or laptop to complete followed up the rooting process.

Coolpad Mega 2.5 D is one of the newest and best quality smartphone Android. It comes with a 5,5 inch touchscreen, powered by MediaTek Quad-core 1 GHz e 3GB di RAM. In this tutorial, I tell you a way to gain control over your device by performing a just rooting procedure.

Root Coolpad Mega 2.5 D

Benefits Of Being Super Admin an Android device

I believe that you do not know the roots of Coolpad benefits 2.5 D smartphone. If not, He had already rooted. Then, let me tell you the advantages of the device rooting, then we start tutorial.

Followed here are some of the amazing benefits that you can get the roots rooted device.


  1. Installation Custom Rom e Kernel.
  2. Remove unwanted applications preinstalled and Bloatware.
  3. Blocking ads in any application.
  4. Always use the latest version of the Android operating system.
  5. Change the skin of your Android.
  6. Installation Android applications from outside the Play Store.
  7. Increase battery life and the processor speed.

does not that sound like anything you want to do with your device? Although this is not, not bad to extend the battery life of the phone or give his push performance.

follow the full tutorial is shown below.


The Coolpad Mega warranty 2.5 D will not remain valid after this rooting procedure. Then, you need to think well before going ahead.

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  1. Disable the antivirus application if you have installed.
  2. even if it is a safe rooting process, it is recommended to backup all your important files.
  3. Load your smartphone over the ‘ 80%. Rooting takes some ‘ of time and there must be a sufficient power.
  4. Enable "Developer" option ” in "Settings"; "USB debugging" in "Developer Options"; "Unknown sources" under "Screen Lock and Security".
  5. This tutorial is only for rooting Coolpad Mega 2.5 D. So do not try it on any other device.
  6. Follow the instructions carefully.

Tutorial To Root Coolpad Mega 2.5 D

After meeting the above requirements, The Coolpad Mega 2.5 D is ready to begin the rooting process. Let's try to do this by following these simple steps.

Kingroot for most devices


Download King Root application of the smartphone.


Install Kingroot application as normal applications. We need this app for Coolpad Mega Root 2.5 D.


After installation, to find and launch.


Click to "Root" option.


Wait until the decomposition process. Do not worry if your phone restarts during the trial. Furthermore, unnecessary touching can result in bricking your device. So show patience at this stage.


After completing the rooting process on your Coolpad Mega 2.5 D, you'll get a "Success" message.


Restart your smartphone and apply Super User root finally Coolpad Mega 2.5 D.


Start Super User application and update the binary, if necessary.

whether. If you've been following along, you got what you came here.

It was rooted Coolpad Mega 2.5 D. You can confirm the status of any rooting Root Checker App. You can install applications that were not possible before rooting. Furthermore, you can flash the Custom ROM on your device. It is easy to remove unwanted pre-installed applications. Some pre-installed applications do not stop working even when the device is in sleep mode. In this way, this consumes the battery and you have to charge your handheld. However, it is possible to increase the battery life and the internal storage capacity of the device by removing such app.

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Since you have successfully obtained the Super User permissions. So, access and modify system files, you can now. You can customize and optimize your device so you want.

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