Why True App does not work? Here's What You Need to Know!

True App is to attract a lot of Instagram addicts, with its unique concept. Whether it be a film, extraordinary image, books and much more, True App does it all for you! Although social media app was launched last year, It got a hike in the number of users over the last 7 days. You wonder why? The only reason she got many social media fans of this app is no one to raise the post or promote their content in any way. Do not give your personal information to advertisers is the best thing that you can get an app for social media. Well, which clearly it means that you get to see what you want in your feed.

The number of high-profile people who use the app makes it popular in a way. In addition to this, It is to attract more users stating that it is only free for 1 Million Users. following, the application may charge a minimum amount for use. Now that is a perfect marketing strategy. No doubt, It has one unified, something unique to get into it, but True, Vero, Social app is faced with a lot of technical problems at the moment.

Vero, Vero, Social App

Why it is True App does not work?

The only reason I see now, Vero App that does not work is a huge amount of users attempting to access the app. Perhaps the servers are not able to handle this amount of traffic at the time. official site True True states Social, "We are experiencing higher than normal load. We are working to restore normal service as soon as possible. "It was launched a year ago, but the recent influence of the major brands and celebrities using True App makes it popular. And that's the only reason True App is not working well at the moment. That's what their latest tweet says!

True code does not work?

When I tried to install the app yesterday (12:20 PM IST, 26 February 2018), but I got a confirmation code, the call 12 hours after midnight (at about 12:45 AM, 27 February). E, sometimes, Also the app is not opening. This is something to worry about, when the True App is viral and users are not able to use it without defects. In addition to this, Once you are successful in opening the True App, you will hardly find any problems.

True App does not work

As you can clearly see that there is an option "Call me with the Code,"Which is not actually working smoothly, as it should be. This creates a lot of problems to an end user. Sometimes, I thought of giving up when I did not get the code. I kept searching all day and, unexpectedly, I received a phone call at midnight with the code. But there is a twist here!

When I entered the code I got the call, I got a popup with no Valid Code. Now that was really embarrassing! I gave up! But today morning (8-IS, the 27 February), when I opened the app, I do not ask me the code and I had been able to access my account. What was!?

After a lot of trial, my profile is at work, but it takes more time initially, when I opened the app. It takes almost 2 a 3 minutes to see my feed, until then, it displays the home page of the app that shows the REAL BETA!

Final Verdict on the True App

believe me, This is the app going to beat Instagram soon (My personal thought, nothing offensive here). But problems like these can ruin the popularity of the social media app. The True developers now need to address this before or lose many users safe! Stay tuned for more news on Regola.fm for True App!

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