Get Jio SIM For iPhone 6 plus,6,5,5 s) | Download MyJio App Per iPhone/iOS

Jio Per SIM iPhone: AirTel, Vodafone has introduced 4G connection in India for a while ‘ Now. But it does not support VoLTE as it does not provide such infrastructure. Reliance Jio is trying to bring the true experience with LTE VoLTE service in India. It, indeed, It is the only network that is capable of running in the back-end VoLTE.

Reliance Jio has not yet been announced for sale on the open market. However, there is a free trial version with unlimited calls, SMS and data (most important thing), along with his Lyf phones. Jio is equipped with three-month trial wit unlimited calls, SMS and data usage. Also know Jio Sim Internet and Plans.

how to get jio sim for iphone

But the company has made a recent announcement on using SIM in particular Jio, Samsung Galaxy and especially Apple's iPhone. They can enjoy the same benefits Lyf users unlimited Internet ho.e, Call and messaging up to three months.

If you are thinking about getting a Jio SIM for your iPhone, read this article. I am now ensuring that it is very easy.

How to Get Jio Sim with unlimited data traffic on iPhone | Get FREE Jio Sim For iPhone 6 /5s / 5/6 Plus:

There are two ways to get a SIM Reliance Jio. First, you need to buy a laptop with Lyf JIO SIM.

you have to pay min. 3000 Rs to get the cheapest model. It comes with IEMI block when the phone and SIM totally bundle is purchased.

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You can not use this SIM on other phones (due to block IEMI). But you can create a hotspot to share your high-speed data forever. No problem with this.

How to Download And Install Jio On iPhone? | Download And Install MyJio App iOS / iPhone:

  • Go to Apple's iTunes (appstore) and type in the search bar MyJio.
  • You can see the application of research results.
  • Click on to "get Jio SIM" button. To create a coupon code and bar code reader, which it is valid up to three weeks.

myjio app per iphone - get jio sim per iphone

  • visit a nearby store or Realiance Digital Mini Store for applt for a 4G SIM Jio.
  • do not forget to bring important documents like your Aadhar card, photo ID and proof of address.
  • as soon as you get your 4G SIM, insert it in the iPhone you used to apply for this type of connection.
  • Call 1977 to activate your 4G SIM Jio preview offer.

Open MyJio app and sign up with the right information to start using unlimited 4G 3 reliance months Jio 4G SIM.

Note: Reliance Jio expanded its reach from Samsung and LG handsets. So, You can visit nearby Reliance Store to have more information about it. You can see the list of partners from this link.

Currently, Jio associated recourse 4G LTE smartphone with the latest technology from these brand Samsung, Micromax, LG, Gionee, Yu, Panasonic, sony, Asus, TCL e Alcatel. Visit this link to find out all [Supported Partner for Jio Preview offer].

Final considerations On Jio Sim For iPhone:

She does not want to experience high speed internet on your iPhone. Stop wasting time. Follow the above steps and get a Reliance Jio 4G SIM from your nearest store. Do not miss this opportunity.

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let us know if you face any problem during the installation MyJio app or activation of Jio 4G SIM. Thing???? Just enjoy sparkling 4G speeds for free.