Opera Mini for PC Download Windows 7/8/10 / Mac OS Laptop

Opera Mini for PC: You may have heard of Opera browser is a web browser developed by Opera Software. A brother of this browser is Opera Mini, which is a web browser designed exclusively for mobile phones and smartphones that have been launched in 2006. In essence, Opera Mini was derived from the Opera web browser for personal computers, which has been publicly available since 1996.

by 2012, Opera mini had more than 168 millions of users by 2013, the number had increased to 300 millions of users worldwide. What makes Opera mini different from the browser version is that the amount of data that needs to be transferred is drastically reduced. Opera Mini requests for web pages through the Opera Software, server, process and compress them before sending them to the phone. This process increases the transfer speed and significantly reduces the amount of data transferred, which is borne by numerous cell phones, data plans. The speed can be up to two or three times faster.

Download Opera Mini for Windows Laptop PC 7/8.1/10:

Pre-treatment increases compatibility with web pages is not designed for mobile phones. However, interactive sites that depend on the fact that the JavaScript processing device does not work properly.

Opera Mini Download for Windows PC o Laptop:

you will not get any Browser Opera Mini official version for PC. However, there is a version for windows phone.


You may be wondering why the Opera launched an Opera mini for Windows phones, but completely ignored by Windows PC. This is because there is already a Browser for Pc version available on the official website called Browser Opera – which is why they didn't bother to create an Opera mini version for PC, which however was originally intended for mobile devices.

Opera Mini is free for users and does not receive its main support of agreements with mobile operators to have Opera Mini pre-installed in mobile phones and other sources of income, such as search advertising business, licenses and paid bookmarks and the selection of Positioning Speed.

Opera Mini Browser Features:

  • Opera mini main work is searching for content through a proxy server and reformatting web pages in a format that is best suited for small screens. A page is compressed, then delivered over the phone in a markup language called OBML (Opera Binario Markup Language), that Opera Mini is able to interpret.
  • easy to use the web page is reformatted into a single vertical column so it only needs to scroll vertically. This saves the effort of reducing and enlarging over and over again.
  • A previously discussed, this process increases the speed of searches too, about two to three times faster. Therefore, how do Opera mini do this? By default, Opera Mini opens a connection to the proxy server, which keeps open and re-used as required. This improves transfer speed and allows the server to quickly synchronize bookmark changes stored in Opera Link
  • One feature of Opera mini is the small rendering scale. This means that long lists and navigation bars are automatically hidden by a feature known as “bending content”. E ‘ really useful for devices with screens 128 pixels wide or smaller.
  • To scroll through the options, users must use the device with the arrow keys, its number of keys, or with a stylus, and there are image quality options. You can choose between Low, Medium or High.The image quality to determine how quickly or slowly the loading page.
  • There are default search engines in Opera mini for ease of management for users. Default search engines are Google and Wikipedia. It is also possible to add search engines as default, if you want to.
  • Opera mini helps you with keyboard shortcuts, bookmarks, download files and also save web pages for offline reading and remember that the user's browsing history
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How to Download and Install Opera Mini on a Windows Computer:

in the first place, Opera mini it was not designed for PC use. It was specifically designed with the problems people face in mind and complain when browsing on mobile.

If you liked Opera mini, so much that you want to use it on your PC, try using the Opera free of charge from the link provided here http://www.opera.com/computer/windows


clicking on this will take you to download the same browser to your PC (same company) only the difference in id that this was designed for use with the PC and work accordingly. You can also download this is an offline mode.

However, if that's not what you wanted (specially Opera mini on your PC), so it's not impossible.

All you have to do is download the program to your PC through an android emulator.

Steps to Download Android Emulator to your PC:

  • Before downloading, be sure to check the version of your graphics card and make sure it is up to date. if your graphics card is the last, and you have an internet connection, you are ready to start.
  • http://www.andyroid.net Go to the official Android website by clicking on this link
  • Nella home page, you can see the option to download to your PC. All you have to do is click on that option “Download” and wait
  • The free download should begin immediately and automatically. If it fails for some reason, check your internet connection or update and try again.
  • it will only take a few minutes for the download to finish and then we have to allow the launch of in / run on the PC. To install / run the application, on the left click the button “Download completed” or click on the installation file downloaded twice.
  • How can you click on a new pop-up window on the screen. It is essentially asking for permission to run the file on the PC, then click on the 'accept' option and wait a few minutes for the system to complete the installation process.
  • With these steps, Andyroid will be installed on your PC.
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Now all that's left is to get Opera Mini for PC:

  • Open Andyroid Android emulator.
  • Go to the search engine and type “Opera mini”
  • In the search results, you will see Opera mini , can be recognized by its icon.
  • click on the icon to open the page, once the page is open click on the Installation button.
  • in a few minutes, you will find Opera mini downloaded and ready for use on your PC with the pile of Android

I hope you enjoyed this guide, how to download opera mini for Windows PC. If you have any doubts while downloading or installing the software, comment your problem later.