Nox App Player Download: Just Added Features And Review!

Nox App Player

Nox App Player latest version was released on 6 May 2017. And now it comes with some great features. In this post, I'm going to show the general Nox App Player review and added features. I would also like to share Nox App Player offline installer and installer online link so that you can upgrade your previous version now!


There are many improvements in the latest version of Android emulator Nox. And because of this, it seems to me, it is going to be the best alternative BlueStacks more. Finally, users who are tired of using outdated versions of Android emulators are going to get a great software to use on their PC or Windows notebook


Take note that the Mac version of Nox App Player is out now Mac users are happy, after the release of the full version. However, Windows users can now rejoice with Nox App player latest version.

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Added Functionality in Nox App Player

How can you know that Nox player App version, It has some impressive features, You must be updated to take full advantage now! So do not make you wait longer, in the first place, I will list some incredible Nox App Player features and then provide the download link for the same. here's to you!

  • The latest version of Nox App Player It solved all the error messages 😀
  • The abnormal termination problem of Nox App Player and the crash is now solved
  • In addition to this, the loss of data is also fixed in this version. Now that is good news for those who have limited data to use for 🙂
  • A detailed tutorial is provided so that a new user can use the Nox App Player without problems
  • And the most exciting feature is, you can now play Pokemon Go on your PC with the latest version of Android emulator Nox
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Then, This completes the list of features of Nox App Player version. Now let's look at online and offline installer for the same link. But wait, before be sure to follow the guidelines below 😛

Things to Take Care Before Installing Nox App Player

every time you update or uninstall any software, you can probably lose the data of the previous version. It's happened before? 🙁 Good, if you want to avoid such problems, follow these steps before you download and install Nox App Player version of Windows 7/8/10 PC o laptop:

  • make a full backup of the data or files that are in the old version of the emulator before uninstalling
  • If you are trying to update with the emulator, I'm sorry, It is not yet available. Do you need to uninstall the previous version and download it again to take an advantage of the above-given characteristics of Nox App Player
  • There are chances that some antivirus can catch block, emulator. Then, you can comment below with your questions, We solve them
  • Last but not least, make sure the VT of your PC or laptop is switched, so that your Nox Android emulator works as a sports car 1000cc 😛

Online e Offline Installer Link per Nox App Player Version

All users have their choice. Some may prefer to download the offline installer and some may choose to go for an online installer. Detection time of need, we have provided the link so that you get the best of Nox App Player which it is the latest version of the best Android emulator 🙂 So here it is:

Download Here

If you find any difficulty in downloading or installing NOx App Player on your PC or laptop, you can post your questions in the comment section below 😀 Take a note, the link provided does not work for Mac users

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Now let's look at Nox App Player review of newly released version!

Nox App Player Review

Nox App has emerged as the most successful Android emulator in recent times, and the reason is its user-friendly interface and fast loading screen. Unlike, Bluestacks, it does not take much time to install any game or application and supports the recently released Pokemon Get Well. Now, This is just like the icing on the cake. It's not true? 😀

Well, Many of you may have used Bluestacks emulator and if you are on this page, you probably know the problems associated with it. Nox App Player is an improvised version that gives you the ability to customize the settings according to your needs. Furthermore, Now, It has no bugs, come Nox App Player is locked to 99% to freeze 50%. Now, this is what users want in the latest version. 😀 Nox App Player also it allows you to perform various virtual drives Android.

if you are using the older version of Nox App Player, you must delete and update for Nox version of the emulator now. The official blog, now it has the customer support section where you can ask your problems during installation or when playing any game.

What no Nox App Player to Present Support

There is not any support for other operating systems, come Windows mobile, iOS, Ubuntu, Cyanogen mom and much more!

those who are looking forward to use Nox App Player on any of the above operating systems might have to wait for another couple of days or even months 🙁 right now, It is only for Windows & Mac users with support Android OS.

we hope that you enjoyed reading our overall review of Nox App Player Take a second and share this helpful to review your social media profiles, by clicking below 🙂

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