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Download Monument Valley 2 1.1.14

Monument Valley 2 APK is an independent puzzle game that was developed and released by renowned developer studio, ustwo games. This game is really a sequel to the game Monument Valley. The first game in the series was released in 2014 and the second game was announced in June 2017.

The game was officially released for iOS devices in June 2017 and the version of Android is all set to release the first week of November 2017. La Monument Valley 2 iOS is a game that is designed in an isometric view and the game objective is to guide a mother and child through the different game geometries.

There we ran into a world where all video games are dedicated to superheroes, vigilantes and a mother at stake is something unexpected. Therefore, la Monument Valley 2 1.1.14 Android is a game that contains Ro, influential and powerful mother together with the child who takes her through the labyrinths. This game is packed with loads elements of impossible things and even optical illusions.

Monument Valley 2 APK per Android

Gameplay della Monument Valley 2 APK

if you're a Ro guide you through the puzzle by touching the screen. As you touch the screen, you can move the baby and Ro, triggering changes in the architecture, allowing them to complete the puzzle of all levels. La Monument Valley 2 APK is a successful game that has gained about 30 million downloads from June 2017. Given the success, ustwo the Games led to the development of the second game. The title which contained Land's End, First game is replaced by virtual reality.

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The Monument Valley developer 2 APK, Ken Wong of the first game had left the module to build his own studio and then, Consequently, the studio has hired new talent. The sequel to the game was made as a compelling story, texture compared to the first, with the mother and daughter. If you look at the feedback from players for the first game, the game can be said to be developed in response to all of them.

Dan Gray, The studio head ustwo, He said that people can find an affinity for history and that is why it has voluntarily placed in the forefront and this makes a change in the direction of this game. Furthermore, if you follow the storyline of the first game; most developers have become parents during these years, Consequently, the depth of the characters resonated more.

Download Monument Valley 2 1.1.14 for Android

Therefore, fatherhood, inspired artistic characters move, as well as playing, It has moods related to the world and as well as puzzles. In this game, you might even reach a stage in which the daughter has been separated from its mother presented by a brutalistic gray giant structure that reflects the agitation of the separation.

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Download Monument Valley 2 Free iOS

La Monument Valley 2 iOS 1.1.14 It is available for download for iOS devices on the official website of archive at iTunes & App Store. You can download the app by entering into it with your credentials. In the case in which if it is difficult to download from, you can use a third-party source to download the file.

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This can be done by opening the Safari browser on your device and then enter the URL of this page. Wait loading the page and click “Install” given option. Wait for the application to be installed and then go to General>Profiles>Company's name applications section and click “trust” option ” to confirm. In this way, you can run the application safely, uncomplicated.

Conclusion on Monument Valley 2 APK Download

said this, la Monument Valley 2 APK is a game that will keep you hooked because of the strategies, puzzle, logical thinking involved in the game. You can even get an adequate amount of feeling in the game that makes it even more desirable and full of emotion. You can download the Monument Valley 2 APK game and helps Ro and his daughter as you begin the journey into the mysterious dynamic world with the impeccable architecture throughout. Not large, The game is easy to play and allows you to have quality time.

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