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JioNet app for Android is an application that lets you connect to WiFi hotspots via MyJio App. To make use of these free WiFi hotspots around the city, all you have to do is download the App JioNet available for both iOS and Android through MyJio App. Once the app installed JioNet, you will be asked to add a widget connection so that the device can instantly connect to the hotspot.

The JioNet App uses the position data to show the hotspots nearby. It will then add the public WiFi Jio profile that allows you to connect to WiFi networks nearby without having to enter the configuration settings. After that, will open the account manager, which means that you'll need an account to make use of Jio Jio WiFi. The JioNet app automatically takes a login with MyJio App, but there is the option to add another account.

JioNet Download APK per Android & iOS Devices:


This means that, to take advantage of Wi-Fi public JioNet, you must be a subscriber Jio. However, It does not necessarily need a Jio SIM in the device to connect. All you have to do is log in with your primary Jio ID and manually connect to JioNet WiFi phone WiFi settings.

To find and connect to a hotspot nearby, JioNet open the app and go to menu. Now you're Finding JioNet Hotspot option. It will show a map of nearby places have the WiFi hotspot. All you have to do is zoom the map to find the nearest hotspot.

a Volta that arrives in the vicinity of a hotspot, JioNet lets you connect and start using the network. But since this is in the early stages of implementation of the quality if the connection can not be guaranteed.

JioNet Features:

The Reliance JioNet comes with an impressive list of features that is loved by every smartphone user.

  • The Connecting to a WiFi JioNet

With JioNet app, you can search, locate and connect to India superfast WiFi network. All you have to do is to log in once to have car attached.Jione

  • Find a Hotspot
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With JioNet WiFi app, you are never too far away from the high speed wi-fi network. All you have to do is open the app and try JioNet a hotspot nearby.

  • Switch to a Hotspot

JioNet also an option to get the hotspot location of your choice faster through the navigation option within the app.

  • Zero Touch Authentication

JioNet allows you to skip the hassle of providing your information every time you log in. All you have to do is enter your credentials once and remember every time.

  • seamless High Speed ​​wi-fi

with JioNet, you can experience the internet speed up to 100 Mbps. You can connect to more than 1000 points hotspots around the country. The JioNet supports WiFi smartphone, laptop e tablet.

  • Details

You can always check the detailed address of the hotspot with the environment Click on the map for easy navigation.

With JioNet app, you can share details of hotspots easily with friends and family.

JioNet APK Download

Following are the steps to download the APK on your phone JioNet.

Steps to Install JioNet Apk App on Android Phone:

  • The first step is to open any web browser on your phone as Google Chrome, for example.
  • click the search bar located at the top and type "JioNet app apk" and press enter.
  • as soon as you arrive at the official link of the app, click on download and wait for the download to complete the verification process.
  • e ‘ Now open your phone's settings and click permissions from "unknown sources" and then click "ok".
  • After granting permission, Now you will be able to install this app.
  • Just browse through the folders and find where the app has been downloaded, and click the application for installation.
  • Next step is to click “confirmation” and then wait for completion.
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JioNet Apk For iPhone Users:

  • The first step would be to open any web browser on your iOS device.
  • The second step is to type "JioNet app apk" in the search bar at the top of the screen.
  • do Click on "GO" to get perfect results.
  • Click the link to find it safer and legitimate.
  • Now start the download process as stated earlier.
  • Now, After the download process is completed, you can access the app on your iPhone and you can open the app from the app drawer.

Process for Jio 4G Internet services

JioNet WiFi Hotspots are still being administered across the board in all countries, however, at the moment, It is limited only to a few select areas. You can discover the JioNet hotspot areas by following a few simple steps below.

  • JioNet Download the application on your mobile device.
  • Turm on a 'Service Area' option.
  • Open the application and then JioNet Allow Sharing Area.
  • Now the application is JioNet hotspots closest to you.
  • You can also scan for other JioNet hotspots around you depending on your location.

Tips for 4G WiFi Registration Service

  • in the first place, you need to go to the WiFi settings and upgrade the WiFi administration. Go to 'Settings' and then 'WiFi' and choose 'JioNet'.
  • Now choose 'JioNet' and WiFi, JioNet page for WiFi. If it does not work then simply enter the or
  • Now, you will see a JioNet WiFi enrollment page.
  • click on “New” and complete the process of integration.
  • Complete enrollment, you will receive an SMS from JioNet have OTP.
  • Place OTP in JioNet WiFi registration page and complete the process of integration.
  • Congratulations! It is made.


I hope this article will help you download JioNet Apk File for your Android and iOS devices. If you have doubts about this article, Comment your opinion below.

JioNet Download APK Per Android e iOS – Ultima V1.7.54

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