Install Custom ROM Xiaomi redmi Notes 4

If you have a rooted Xiaomi redmi Notes 4, you can install a custom ROM Xiaomi redmi Notes 4. It's very easy and you can easily update your phone with a ROM of your choice.

In the case where you are still root Xiaomi redmi Notes 4, tries This simple tutorial here.
Xiaomi Redmi Nota 4

After you install a custom ROM, Android phone positive changes. Adjust your Xiaomi Note 4 phone will become something special that others envy. Let's look at some of the features of your re-branded phone with a custom ROM.

  • Completely new look
  • Full customizable interface
  • Incredibly easy to install / remove applications
  • Install apps from the Play Store or from an APK file
  • Go beyond the usual options of Android
  • Strip crapload applications to be uninstalled
  • turn on the phone by using a CPU-friendly kernel
  • Get better battery performance by opting for a battery-friendly kernel
  • Step up CPU using various Android applications

simply put, you're going to have total control over your Android phone. It will become the super admin and you will have an operating system that is customizable in the true sense of the word.

What more do you want from Xiami Red Note 4?

Take a few minutes and learn how to install a custom ROM Xiaomi Note Redme 4.

If you are someone who, come me, want ROM installation procedure broken down into simple steps. Then, This is exactly what you're going to get here. Start with the first step, complete with everything, and move to the next phase. It's easier.

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we begin with the first step.

installare custom ROM

Phase 1: Check the root of the device

The only way to install custom ROM Xiaomi redmi Notes 4 It is to root your phone. If you've rooted your phone security, head over to my previous tutorial on the roots below.


In the case you are not sure if your phone is rooted or not, simply download a 'root test' app from the Google Play Store. Run the application and note the root status. If you say that you have a rooted phone, move to the next phase. If not, follow the tutorial rooting from the link above and go to step 2 When you have a rooted phone.

Phase 2: creates a backup and boot into recovery mode

Now you need to make a backup of your phone. You can create backups using any application of your choice. TWRP, Furthermore, It lets you create a backup in recovery mode.

Yesteryear made up of, boot the phone in recovery mode. You must press and hold Volume Down and Power button together to go to recovery mode and follow the next step.

Phase 3: Install the ROM

Xiaomi Redmi Nota 4

It's time to install the ROM. From the Restore menu, find 'swipe to factory reset ” in the bottom of the screen. After resetting your phone, touch “Install” from the recovery menu and select the custom ROM path you want to install on your Xiaomi Note redmi 4 phone.

If you do not have a custom ROM file (It is a ZIP file), then head over to our custom ROM section and download a custom ROM Xiaomi Note redmi 4.

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After installing custom ROM, be sure to do ” Wipe Cache / Dalvik 'from the recovery menu. It's in the bottom of the screen.

Step 4: Installare Gapps

Installare Gapps

When you install a custom ROM Xiamoni redmi Note 4, do not install Gapps. However, you need these applications for many basic tasks on Android, Play Store.

You can download from this link Gapp.

Yesteryear downloaded, go into recovery mode on your phone and tap “Install”. It wants to display the browse screen. Select the file Gapps (in zip format) you just downloaded. As you might have downloaded the files to a PC, make sure to move the SD card so that you can access using your phone.

After clicking on 'Install', you should take a few seconds to complete the process.

Step 5: Enjoy your renewed Phone

You guessed it right. They are all made. Now it's time to turn your phone gadget of your dreams. Here are some interesting Roma to try on this phone. It will change the way you use your device redmi.

SOP Custom ROM

LineageOS ROM


Darkness Redefined

Cypher OS

Try all of these Roma and see how you fall in love with Android operating system and the ability to customize. It's simply amazing.

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