How to Solve DNS Server Not Respond Error in Windows 10 per PC/Laptop

No DNS Server Responds: the People nowadays use their smartphone or PC to browse the internet through which they get a lot of information about anything and also get a lot of entertained through various Internet sites, but sometimes we have to face some problems.

There are many network related problems that you may face when attempting to connect to a particular network or loading a web page. The biggest and the most common problem is the DNS problem.

How to Solve the Problem DNS Server Not Respond in Windows 10:

This issue is related to the loss of connection to the server or corrupt settings for the server end. It could also be problematic for your internet connection.

What is the DNS that?

Before going deep part to make known before the DNS. DNS (Domain name server) It is a server that translates web addresses so that you can access and browse the internet.

In this article, I want to tell various methods to solve this DNS server does not respond problem. So let's start with the first method.

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Verifying the Connection

The most common problem, It can be with the verification of the connection. If this is the problem you are going through so you do not have to worry about it. This problem can be solved very easily. This problem has several aspects, so I filled four ways to solve this problem.

  1. Access a web page from alternative media - If the alternative device may not, Furthermore, access to a web page, then the problem is in the router or your ISP. You can solve this problem by calling the provider's router or getting better. The problem may also be the first computer, if you can connect to the website or a web page.
  1. Connect another device to the network -Connect another device to your network help you know what the problem is and where the problem occurs. You can do some tests to find out what the problem is. Doing some tests, you can narrow the issues. Then, connect another device to the network (Wired or wireless).
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For another device, you can use another computer, smartphone or tablet. Basically, all that can be accessed via internet.

  1. power cycle the router and modem - Unplug the power cord is the router and modem. Disconnecting the router's power cord and the modem charges that the router and the modem receives can be deleted. Unplug the router and the modem for about 30 seconds to release any residual charge and the memory can be released. After disconnecting the router and the modem 30 seconds and on again. Now reconnect the modem, wait to complete the connection. After it is turned on properly reconnect the power cable to the router and wait for it to completely start. This start-up may take a few minutes.

Yesteryear it is again connected to the router and modem and is powered the device to try to load a web page and the problem should be solved.

  1. If you use a smartphone device it is then possible to modify the configuration settings in going>mobile data and restore the configuration.

these were the first methods various ways to resolve the DNS server is not responding problem. If the first does not work, then you can try the second method also.


Troubleshooting Computer

  1. Try another browser Internet - Sometimes the problem may be DNS servers with the browser the same way it is better to change your browser, or you can update your browser to resolve the issue. Download free browsers like firefox or chrome and load a web page to test the DNS problem. If the DNS server is not responding "problem still exists, you can change the browser configuration. The problem may be with the proxy setting. Then, you can configure browser proxy settings.
  1. Disable any extra connection Windows are made in order to install the extra connections for you to choose. You should choose the connection that you use regularly and working properly. Remove all other connections to prevent unresponsive DNS problem.
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You can open your network connection simply by pressing the Windows button and type "ncpa.cpl" and press enter.

Try different connections the list of all connections. The DNS server problem (DNS server) not responding may be caused by the existence of "Microsoft Virtual WiFi mini port adapter". So it is best to contact if you see a disabled.

Wait for a while and test your connection again loading a web page. Make sure your DNS is not set properly. Try to visit a website and websites can properly load the problem is solved.

  1. Flush DNS - To Flush DNS as this problem occurs because of an error in DNS. Then, Wash and let's see if it works.

1 - You must open the Command Prompt window by pressing + R and The Execution dialog opens.

2 Type CMD in the Run dialog and pop-up Command Prompt.

(You can also simply type the Window button + x, then Click on ” Command Prompt administration panel)

3 - Yesteryear that the Command Prompt Is Open. Type the following code or Copy Paste Command Prompt. Type the entire sequence code as follows.

ipconfig /release

ipconfig /all

ipconfig /flushdns

ipconfig /renew

netshintip set DNS

netshwinsock reset

4 - After you typed or pasted the sequence of wise Commands, Restart or Restart the PC Closing All Tabs. You can also update the page so that you can see the result immediately. But the restart is always a better option after this process.

After restarting your PC try to open Google Chrome, and hope, “DNS server not responding"Problem will disappear on your Browser.

these were the methods to overcome the "problem DNS server not responding". I hope this article has helped you to resolve the DNS (Domain Name Server) problem.

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