Gymhuntr APK Download App Per iOS(iPhone / iPad) and Android | Find & Track Pokemon Gyms Worldwide

Download App Gymhuntr: you've heard of Pokemon GO. The answer is yes, obviously. It is the most popular game around the word, after all.

Today I'm going to tell you about a great site to play Pokemon Go. It is known as GymHuntr. What does? How it is helpful? I came to know of this great site a little ‘ time ago and so I decided to share with you all. GymHuntr app was developed by developers pokemesh.

gymhuntr apk app ios that Android

What is that GymHuntr? How to Download Apk GymHuntr / IPA For Android / iPhone?

GymHuntr web-based tool, which allows you to scan and track all the Pokemon Go to the gym that is located inside your location for free. Just go to the official website and enter your country, the city or the street and click the search address to find and track gyms Pokemon.

GymHuntr server is going to take time to scan the position as you are your inquiry. You must wait about 60-90 seconds and see nearby gyms on a map. The service is outstanding to find nearby Gyms. The user interface is simple and very easy to use.

However, it seems that the Asian courtiers are not yet available on this web site per hour. You will see that "map data not available". You can see that now for you.

Download GymHuntr Apk For Android:

GymHuntr is not available on any mobile platform (Android, iOS). You can access by visiting the official website from your smartphone. You need an active internet connection or Wi-Fi only.

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Solution to Problems As GymHuntr GymHuntr app does not work / not installig:

Fitness fighting is the most exciting part about Pokemon Go. But the site is proved wrong gym info. There is a problem between "Last search today" and "Last search some time ago". It shows fresh results (or modify updates), no matter how many times you scan to search nearby gyms Pokemon.

GymHuntr team should add a refresh button to avoid this problem. But if it happens because of the frequent server load; then show only once for a gym.

But still, they did a great job The gym environment is better and more competitive than before for sure. You should show appreciation for them.

GymHuntr: Main features (Fixed problem and Asian countries are Available &):

Gymhuntr got excellent feedback after launch on Reddit, and introduced several changes to make it even better for users. Let's take a look at new features.

download pokehuntr per iphone e ipad

  • ASIAN COUNTRIESavailable now. Yup. You heard right. Do not see "the map data not available". I do not believe. Try it yourself.
  • Gym Labels auto update with accurate information about Pokémon every time you scan.
  • You can use multiple accounts to scan properly.
  • The details are available at the end of each link to share at ease.
  • Gyms will be transparent until you scan.
  • You can search Gym history alongside IV of the Pokemon and move sets

Let me show you an example: The new update has fixed the bug with moving fixes. Now, is much more user-friendly for Pokemon They go players.