Google Duo Download Apk Per Smartphone Android – Ultima Versione

Google Duo APK Download: The Video calling is one of the best ways to interact with your loved ones if you live far from each other, and can not meet physically. The Internet has become so strong over the years that you can basically do whatever you want in particular to connect with people who live in different countries or continents. You can talk and interact with friends and family, even if they are not near you. All this leads to maintain emotionally happy and healthy.

There are lots of ways to connect with people on the internet, come in chat, e-mail, voice and video calls. The video call is probably the best way to connect with people, it seems as if the person you are talking about is your right to side.

Download Google Duo Apk File For Android Phone:

Now we come to the technical part of all these things. As I said there are lots of ways to connect with people. If you dig in that there are many applications that offer the ability to make video calls and connect with people, even if they live in another country or place.

One of the most exciting and probably the most anticipated video calling app of this year, Duo could be the new Google app. Google app Duo was announced at Google IO 2016 At the event along with Google App. At Google Application is an integrated chat app, and we're not talking app in this article.

We will focus on Google Duo app in this article with its features and how you can download on your Android smartphone.

Google Duo App:

Dup Google app is basically a video call app with some unique features that make it different from other video calling apps. This is not the first time that Google is trying to provide the best video call and I'm pretty confident that this Google Duo video calling, app, and it is one of the best app google video ever duo

Google Duo it was announced a couple of months ago and since then people, especially Google lovers, They were very excited to be hands on this app. Now the wait is over as it is now finally available on Google Play store and Apple app store. Google app Duo was announced with Android Torrone, and many thought that these apps, who announced with Android nougat will be communicated with the Android version 7 Torrone, but that is not the case here.

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Duo Google app has been released and can be used from any iPhone or Android for users running one or two older version of the operating system in a respectful way.

although Google Duo was released, but the Google App At is not enough to make it safe on the play store. It might take a couple of weeks.

Google Duo is for the convenience of using your smartphone as a video calling device. Just like any other video call Duo Google app works on WiFi and cellular data network. Not everyone has a way really fast internet speed, which is why Google made Google Duo can also be used on low speed connection to the internet.knock knock

Duo Google app can be defined as the best on a video call app. You can call anyone on your contact list who are also using Google Duo App and can have a conversation without end.


One of the best thing that has implemented Google on Google Duo is that you can literally hide the person who is calling you, and that is without even accept the call. Let me tell you how it works. If you call a person and you want that person is called to take a look at you before you even pick up the phone then you can only beat screen twice to be able to access this feature. This feature is fun and practical, how can you know what kind of situation you're going to have even before you pick up the phone.

User Experience

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The user experience is great as it should be more fluid application without problems and errors. Google is very easy to use because they do not have so many things in the app. The video also called the experience is smooth, Also the lack of connections. This app is very easy to use and anyone can get used to it.


Google Duo also has an encryption function of all your chats and other information, so that no one can access all the call information and do something with it. Privacy is a top priority on the internet and Google has you covered on this.

Google Duo will be a direct complement to other video calling apps such as Skype, Facetime, e Tango etc. Google Duo will definitely make its own space in the market and on the internet.

Google has already released this app on Android as iOS, basically you can hit up the Google Play store and Apple app stores to get this application and use. But I will tell you the alternative way to download and install this application on your Android smartphone.

Steps for Download Google Duo .apk on Android Phone:

  1. Using your Android Smartphone go and open the Google Play Store app.
  2. Now the search bar type "Google Duo apk"And tap the Search button.
  3. Enter the website where you can find the apk file Duo Google app.
  4. Tap the Download button and the download will begin.
  5. The apk file downloaded in minutes and after it is downloaded onto your Smartphone you can just look at your notification bar and touch downloaded notification.
  6. The installation section shows and you have to tap the button and install Google Duo will be installed on your smartphone.
  7. Now you can find the application on the home screen.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how to download Google Duo Apk per Android smartphone. If in doubt when downloading or installing the app please contact us, we will try to solve the problem.

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