EASEUS Information Recovery Computer software downloads recover deleted files

EASEUS Information Recovery Wizard per Pc / Laptop: Do you feel worried how important files, photo, video, music, e-mails and so through got deleted? Are you looking for ways to recover all lost data accurately? Here is one of the best ways you can use for fast data recovery using the called software program EASEUS Information Recovery Wizard.

Using the EaseUS computer software, you can safely recover your files, photo, video, music and email due to cancellation, formatting, the loss of the partition, system crash, the attack of the virus, etc.,

You can use the EaseUS software program safely any device to get the lost data back as a challenging disk, drive USB, mobile phones, drive USB, memory card, the digital phone and so on. Before going into detail in the description or the recovery process you need to know some basic and impressive features of this EaseUS Data Recovery application wizard

Features of EASEUS Data Recovery Software program & amp. Ideal Software program in the market

These features make EaseUS data recovery application one of a kind. Just take a look at these great features of this one EASEUS Data Recovery Software.

The EaseUS recovery application are available in free and paid versions. Free version also works as a charm but it is recommended to upgrade the free recovery program software to the Pro version to enjoy full functionality of this software program


  • If the EASEUS Information Recovery application is launched , ‘Quick scan’ it starts automatically and goes through all the device to get lost data at amazing speed. If not recovered, start 'in-depth scan’ to monitor the list of all lost files with precision in depth.
  • You can use the EaseUS Data Recovery application in all storage devices to recover any type of files lost in different situations like system crash, formatting, virus attack and so on.
  • You can get a preview of all the files you plan to restore makes it clear for you to select the files to recover and ensures safe recovery results.
  • EaseUS data recovery software offers you the opportunity to resume recovery by importing scan results that are previously saved.

    Steps of EaseUS Information Recovery Software to recover deleted files

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How to use EASEUS Data Recovery Software program to recover deleted files

How to use EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard to get back lost data:

Let's see each step in detail how to use EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for the safe recovery of your lost data

  1. . First of all, download the program and install it on your PC / Laptop. Install it on any drive other than the drive where you need to recover the files to avoid overwriting the files. Get this Latest EASEUS Data Recovery Software program from here: Data Recovery Software program libero
  2. ) If you start the program, you will see six different categories of file types selected by default.. To increase the scanning speed, select the specific types of files you want to recover e click on the 'Next button’ .

    EaseUS Information Recovery Computer software recovery process

  3. Now select location where you need to find data such as desktop, Windows libraries, hard disk drive etc., then tap on the 'scan' button.

    Recover Permanently Deleted Files With EASEUS Computer Software

  4. the scanning process starts and you can know the status of the recovery and the estimated time to complete from the progress bar at the top. Next to start the bar, there are a Pause and Stop key . You can pause the scan temporarily and resume it later.

    Pause & amp Stop buttons in EASEUS Application

  5. The first scan will be a quick scan which has just listed the deleted or cleaned files from the recycle bin. If the files needed for recovery are not there in the list or if the recovered files do not open properly, click on 'deep scan’ in the lower left corner.
  6. deep scan will take longer than quick scan. The scan result allows you to filter files by three methods such as path, types and time. The central window provides all files and folders in the selected folder with additional information of information and type.
  7. The window on the right side displays a thumbnail and information of the selected file in the central window thus offering a preview of the file
  8. . You can select the files you need to recover from the scan result and click on the 'Recover button’ . Then save the files to any drive or device other than the one you lost your files to to avoid overwriting.

    Finally Recover Deleted Files Using EaseUS Information Recovery Computer software

  9. You also have the option to export scan results and import them for file recovery next time, without the need to scan again

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Certainly one or the other time by mistake or negligence, you might have lost your important files, photo, video, e-mail and so through with the cancellation, the attack of the virus, system crash, etc, why are you waiting then? Start using guidata software EASEUS Information Recovery per Windows 10 o Windows 8.1 / 7 o Windows 8 / XP / Mac Computer / Laptop or any other device for safe and accurate recovery of your lost data.

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