Download the iTunes offline installer (windows & Mac)

If you are a Mac user, you may know that Apple has already killed the popular iTunes, which was an app for music players. In sostitution, Apple has introduced three new apps: Apple Music, Podcast, e Apple TV.

Although Apple has replaced iTunes in the new version of macOS, it still lives elsewhere within the Apple ecosystem. iTunes continues to run on an older version of macOS, and the Windows version remained intact.

So, in this article, we will talk about Apple's iTunes and how to download it on Windows 10 computer. So, let's talk about iTunes.

What is iTunes??

Good, iTunes is basically a multimedia management software created by Apple, for both Mac and Windows operating systems.

It is a software mainly used for Downloading, play and manage audio and video files from the iTunes Store. Another advantage of iTunes is that it can share files between your computer and your iOS or iPadOS devices.

So, iTunes is a must have software for every iPhone / iPad / iPod user as it allows them to organize their music library, manage and import audio CDs, and even create their own music CDs.

ITunes functionality

Now that you are fully aware of iTunes, you may be interested in knowing its characteristics. Under, we have highlighted some of the best features of iTunes. Let's take a look.

Automatic synchronization

If you are a user of Apple devices such as iPhone or iPad, you may be amazed by the iTunes auto sync feature. The media player automatically syncs all the music libraries on the devices.

Music management functions

Good, iTunes was initially known as a music player app. Therefore, offers many music management features. With iTunes, you can create different playlists, organize your music or video files into categories, and more.

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Buy music / video files

Good, iTunes has a media store from which you can purchase any music or video video file. This means that you will no longer have to rely on other premium media streaming apps to download your favorite files. You can go directly to the iTunes Store to purchase your favorite content.

Sound enhancer Sound

iTunes also has a sound enhancement feature that improves the quality of the audio output. The feature adds an audio filter that expands and brightens the sound coming from any iTunes track. This is one of the useful features of iTunes.

Sharing options

The latest version of iTunes allows you to share your music library on a local network. So, if your friends ask you to share your music library, connect the device to a local network and share the entire music library.

Itunes store

iTunes Store is a paradise for all music, video, and book lovers. The iTunes Store provides access to millions of music, film, and eBook. Although most of the items on iTunes stores have been paid for, occasionally, list items for sale. You can get those items for an affordable price.

So, these are some of the best features of iTunes. You need to start using the app to explore more features.

Download the latest version of iTunes (Offline installer)

Now that you are fully aware of iTunes, you may want to install media management software on your PC. Note that iTunes is available for both macOS and Windows 10.
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MacOS users don't need to install anything as iTunes is built in. But, if you want to run iTunes on Windows 10, you need to download the installation file.

Under, we have shared the download links of the latest iTunes for both Windows 10 and macOS. These are the offline installation files. Therefore, they do not need an internet connection during installation.

How to install iTunes on PC?

Installing iTunes is pretty straightforward; you just need to follow some of the simple steps mentioned below. Here's how to install iTunes on PC.

Step 1. First, double-click the iTunes installation file you downloaded.

Step 2. In the configuration screen, click on 'Next”button”.

Step 3. On the next page, select the installation language and click “To install”button”.

Step 4. Now, wait a few seconds until iTunes is installed on your PC.

Step 5. Once installed, run the iTunes application from the desktop shortcut.

That's all! You have done. Here's how you can install iTunes on your Windows 10 PC.

So, this guide is all about how to download & install iTunes on a PC. Hope this article helped you! Please also share it with your friends. If you have any doubts related to this, let us know in the comment box below.