Bhim Download the Mobile Payment App (UPI) App per Android e iOS

Bhim Download App: taking one step at a time, carefully, PM Narendra Modi has implemented all its great mouth and closing their ideas to fight back the money from the country and encourage cashless payments. Only now, It announced Bhim Application UPI-based apps on mobile devices to make money online transactions in a safe place, way. Look at the details and complete information on this application is used for a better tomorrow.

Bhim App Launched by PM Narendra Modi: A UPI Base Mobile Payment App for Cashless payments:

BHIM, abbreviated as Bharat interface for Money you are like UPI App that can be used to make cashless payments securely. PM Narendra Modi launched the Unified Payment today interface with the n. Digi Dhan Apple event Talkotara Stadium in New Delhi. Bhim The app is also very easy to download or install on your Android device from the Google Play Store.

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PM announced the launch of this latest app after felicitated the winners of the Lucky Grahak coincides yojanas. After the announcement, It also made a payment with the application of Khadi. With exciting changes that occur in the country every day, This new application is expected to be a true example for the cashless society, Unlike the plastic cards that we use, who it was thought to be a tool to reduce the flow of money in the country.


Now, when it comes to its operation, everything you need to do is sign up a bank account with Bhim, UPI and set a pin for the account. After doing so, Your telephone Your Address Payment (PA) through which you can simply start making your transactions. Using only the permanent mobile number, you may be able to send, get virtual money.

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it is not necessary that both the sender and the recipient must be active users Bhim. You can also transfer money from a non-Bhim user / Non-UPI banks supported using their using IFSC and MMID. Along with the basic operations, other regular services how to control current account balances and transaction details can be reviewed.


Along with active mobile number, you can also use a Custom Address Payment. There will be a QR code for quick entry of payment addresses that can be best used with merchants. By using this application, Rs. 10000 for each operation can be done with a maximum limit of Rs. Of 20.000 within a space of 24 ore. As the app has just been released, it supports Hindi and English only in languages ​​and other languages ​​are likely to be added soon.

PM, the word", Whether it be a smartphone or a feature phone Rs 1.000 e i 1.200, Bhim app can be used. No need to have Internet connectivity. One only needs an inch. There was a time when an illiterate was called 'Angutha Chchap'. Now, time has changed. The thumb is the bank now. It becomes your identity ". He dedicated this latest app on the name of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar.