Android for Web Posts There comes? Here is the Reason!

Very similar to iMessage it gives Mac users has been implemented by Google in the form of the Web Posts! The new Android messages to the web will be slowly rotating around the world. After launch, It was recommended by Google that an end user must have the latest version of Android App Messaging to use the messages for Web functionality on their laptops or PCs. This is not the first time that Google is working on a messaging app, before this is launched Google Reply app with some stunning features!

Android for Web Posts There comes?

immediately after the launch of Android messages for the web, many Android users have been enthusiastic and, indeed, many use this new feature. But there are users who complain that Android messages for the web is not shown on their respective devices. Well, there is a reason for this. You may have to wait until the full update is rolled out. Even P Android users are not always "Messages for the Web" option on your smartphone.

Android for Web Posts You do not see
source of Image: Android Authority

Many say it is only a server update may take some time to settle things. And a few say they're getting messages for Android web option as soon as the Android app updated to the latest version Message. Well, it's strange, it's not true?

It seems that there are already many problems with messages for web functionality. A user on Reddit said that SMS on the phone locks after each text. And some said, even after the power to stop the app and restart again, the option does not appear on their Android app messages. Good, These are some problems that end users are facing when trying to use Android messages for the Web on smartphones and tablets & Connection to a PC / Laptop.

But the most interesting thing here is the latest version of Android the web version Message is filled with lots of amazing features. To be honest, seems a better choice than iMessage for Mac, which has fewer features than the messages for the web by Google.

Features of Android Messages for the Web

Here's what you get in your latest Android app messages after updating.

#1. Text from your computer. Select "Messages for the Web" in the menu to start.

#2. Share the perfect GIF. Tap the button ” + ” in a conversation to send GIFs, and more.

#3. Reply with a simple touch. Smart Response suggests answers to save time.

How to Use the Web for messages on a PC with an Android device?

As the use or installation of the Web Posts#1. Open on your PC / Laptop.

#2. Launch Android app Posts (upgrade to the latest version) on your device.

#3. Click on to other options in the upper right (three vertical dots) and select the option for Web Posts.

#4. Yesteryear you are done with it, scan the qr code that appears on your PC / Laptop screen.

#5. Which is! You can now send messages directly from your PC without using your Android device.

At was not a success, At the full team working was moved to create a better Android app for the Web Messaging. And what you are going to use in the coming days! This was the best thing that Google could have done before the launch of Google At the same. It would give tough competition to web WhatsApp. What do you think so?

If you are also facing problems as Android messages for the web does not work or does not show up, you can comment below, and we will keep you updated as soon as there is a solution for the same. It is not that the update came out for particular devices or a particular version of OS, but the rollout of Android web messages will take at least a week of time to get things right! Stay tuned for Regola.FM blog for more updates!!!

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