New Snapchat: lenses will be smarter

Snapchat team is developing new features that will be released in the near future. They are working on a new level of Snapchat lenses that will be cooler and smarter.


According to information, Snap Inc is working on some goals”smarter”. In the future, you can use this smart glasses to overlay virtual images or animation on landscapes in the real world. This lens can also interact with the object captured by the camera, not only the face as ever.

Upcoming aims in Snapchat will smarter e could interact with objects royalty

Smart Lenses Snapchat again are different with lenses that allows you to change your face as before. This lens can recognize environmental elements. Furthermore, it is also mentioned that smart lenses allow virtual objects interact with real objects that you can keep in the real world. Previously, Snapchat already lens in the world that can interact with the environment.

Snapchat intelligent lenses

At the moment, you are not able to use this new feature because it is still being developed on internal company app version, and I am not “not on short-term product roadmap. Snap” according to information. With the development of this technology, Snapchat will be able to introduce in the future more complex lenses.

Update: Snapchat 2017 APK released!

Ma, do not worry, once the feature is ready, you can update the app Snapchat App Store or Play Store.

It is expected that this new feature will invite a lot of potential advertisers. Brands such as energy drinks, eg, They may sponsor a lens that fits on top of real bottles.

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Snap Inc is heading IPO, the addition of this new feature could become a new weapon in advertising their products.

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