Google Play Services Apk per Android Telefono [Latest version 10.1.33]

Google Play Services APK: Google, it does not need any introduction. Google Play does not need an introduction. Ma Google Play Services? Eh, which kind of makes.

Here is a brief introduction - in September 2012, Google has released a new app to the Play Store. What made the application? It has enabled the company to implement new features to Android users running 2.2 and without getting a full upgrade of the operating system. This app, Google Play Services, It was the focus of the last Google I / O. E, as it is clearly demonstrated by Android 4.3, It is a powerful tool to bring new features for users of older operating systems.

Google Play Services Download Apk per Android Telefono:

To make you understand what Google Play Services actually are and why they are so important, the first step is to clarify what is Android. I know what you're thinking – Android is the software that runs on Google phones, it's not true?

Well, People latest news. There's more to it.

Technically speaking, Android is a mobile operating system. Because it is open source, a company can use, modify and make it their own, without the intervention of Google.

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The most obvious example of this Kindle Fire. While it is running Android, missing the Play Store, all Google services, or even any mention of Google. instead, Amazon has built its own app store, services and content, and hardware. This is what Android is. A platform for any business to build. Interesting, eh?

The reason that Android and Google were often mixed because, to gain access to the Play Store (or known Android Market), device manufacturers had to meet a certain set of rules, and include some Google apps or features. This Google held the center of the operating system in its early stages. However, Google started the process of separation from the Android long ago.

In the years, Gmail, Search (including Google Now and Share Item), Hangout (Speaking earlier), Chrome (formerly the stock browser), YouTube, Calendar, and also the Android keyboard stock were separate Android and updated directly. This brought the waiting time for new functions from a rough minimum of six months to a mere couple of days, provided that the device can handle.

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The obstacle that happens here is that it allows non-Google to update the Android features. Each new version of Android would bring new API for developers to plug in. This is why some applications require 4.0, while others may work on versions of Android as low 2.2.

Google Play Services Caratteristiche:

last year saw Google announces a series of new features. The company has announced a number of new features that have been coming to Android devices. They include a lot of things, but this is not what they are limited. There is much more.

  • Game Games targets, charts and sync play
  • Synchronize notifications across devices (if supported app)
  • Geofencing
  • recognition Operation (app can detect walk, in auto, etc.)
  • Single sign-on

The thing that unites all these features luckily they had in common: It requires a newer version of Android to implement. Nobody, indeed, on stage he also spoke of an update Android during the entire session,surprisingly enough. instead, These features have been added to Google Play Services, which is supported on Android 2.2 and higher. For the first time in years, users with an old device that had been abandoned by the producers had the opportunity to appreciate the brand new features that were fresh and just been said.


In stark comparison, Android 4.3 It is charging forward by introducing the following characteristics:

  • Restricted profiles on tablets
  • autocomplete keyboard
  • Position sensing using Wi-Fi without a Wi-Fi enabled
  • Bluetooth Low Energy support

Most of the new features do not exactly insignificant or not important, but they are not as far-reaching. Sync Notification, eg, affect the entire platform app, while autocompletes dialer will likely be seen only by a minority of users still.

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Steps Download Google Play Services .apk file for Android:

  • The first thing you must have is the Google Play services APK files. A search on google with regard to the same'll put one in your hands.
  • After the .apk file download is complete, you go directly to the explorer or ES File Explorer or any other file manager you have been installed on your phone and hunt down the play services
  • Now, Tap the file to start the installation process.
  • Accept the options, terms and conditions, then wait a few minutes.
  • After few minutes, the installation is complete.
  • If your phone is annoying and not allowing you to complete the installation, you need to do is,

Go to “settings”, then for security, then for apps, and click Unknown origins check box that lets you download apps from unknown sources.

  • a Volta app installed, beautiful app icon pop up on your home screen and in the menu drawer.
  • Tap the icon, start the application and enjoy to your heart's content!

This is the point of Google Play Services. It sits on your phone, in silence, bringing awesome new stuff. Silent be the key word, not to boast. And this is just one of the good things about esso.Per example, at some point in recent months, Google moved its app for the Android out of service checks 4.2 and Game Services. The phone is now a little ‘ safer than it was before. The best thing is that no hassle manufacturer had to occur for this. Google Play services dumb brigade bringing the latest updates, and that's great.

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