10 Best Free Movie Streaming Apps 2016 Per Android iPhone

Film Best Applications For Android: Get entertained for a long time is what we want in our everyday busy lives. But you can't always get the resources to get entertained. During our busy day to day life, we need to raise our self to get some of the fun we can get.

We can't always watch our favorite movies and TV shows on our TV. There will be a time when you are on the road and not at home, than when using your smartphone for entertainment. Now some developers and the company are evaluating this problem and have created a lot of android apps, windows and ios smart phones. Now people can get instant entertainment with these apps. and don't forget to check out my previous Bluestacks for PC article.

Top 10 App Movies For Android and iPhone| 2016:

So today I'm going to tell you about a lot of applications where you can watch Movies online. I filled it up 10 applications that can be entertained just like the fun you get when you are watching a movie on a TV.

Best Movies App to Watch Movies Online Free:

Therefore, here it's 10 Best Android Apps to Watch Movies Online for Free.

  1. Showbox - the first point, I have listed Showbox. Showbox is the best android app for watching movies. Showbox has been gaining popularity since it was released and is now one of the most popular and highly rated applications by its users. You can broadcast over thousands of movies and TV shows for Libero. Showbox is not yet available on Google play store due to some reasons, but you can get it on a lot of websites available on the internet. You can even download movies so that you can watch them when you are offline. Showbox is also available for PC.showbox
  1. the Cinema box - Cinema box is another great application for watching movies and TV shows online. You can broadcast and watch Movies and TV Shows for free. All movies and TV shows available on CinemaBox are High quality so you get a high definition video. Download any movies and TV shows to watch when offline. The coolest thing about the Cinema box is that it supports google chrome cast which means Cinema box is set up for your TV via Google Chromecast. You will be able to watch Movies and TV shows on the big screen.cinemabox
  1. Megabox HD - Megabox HD is a new application for watching movies and immediately runs to android app competition for watching movies. Megabox HD is only available for android users, so that only android users can experience its goodness. Megabox HD works on Android jelly bean and above. You can also use this PC application with the help of Bluestack emulator.
  1. Bobby Movie Box - Bobby Movie Box is available for apple and android users. Bobby Movie Box is highly regarded app for apple users and has gained popularity among apple users. Bobby Movie Box you can watch your favorite movies and TV shows in High Definition. So stream and watch your favorite movies and TV shows in High Definition for absolutely free. Bobby Movie Box provides users with a very impressive user interface with beautiful app design. The app has a very friendly user interface. Also Bobby Movie Box there will be ads in this application supports advertising.
  1. Latest HD movies - New Movies in HD is a great app with loads of features. As the name itself says, this app is the ultimate movie to watch online. Therefore, if any new movie you want to watch, then this is the right place for you. You can also watch Cartoons in new HD movies that's why kids love this app too. The user interface of this application is also quite impressive.
  1. Viewster - Viewster is just as great as other apps for watching movies. You can broadcast and watch movies and TV shows, or you can just download the movie so that you can watch it even if you are offline. There are many genres of movies available in Viewster. You can also look at the description of the film and some information on the actors and actress. This feature is useful.
  1. il Crepitio - Crackle is a one-stop shop for almost any device. The crackle works and supports Smart Tvs, streaming of players and game consoles, etc. You can watch movies on your smartphone or connect with other devices like TV and streaming players etc.. There is an iPhone version of Crackle that works with ease and there is no need for registration, but you can register if you want to.
  1. Yidio - Yidio is very exclusive, the app is only available on some devices. Yidio app is also like a smart one, the app will tell you where you should go to find free movies. You can also filter the movie by genre, the MPAA assessment, and of origin, etc. The yidio user interface is as great as it is elegant. There is also an option to hide those films you have already seen.yidio
  1. Popcornflix - Popcornflix is ​​another android app for watching movies online. You can download the movies if you want to watch them online. On the main Popcornflix screen, there will be no highlights and exclusive footage. You can also search for a movie from its genre. One can simply order the films by his views and dates. You can also make a list where you can add your favorite movies.
  1. TV tubes - Tubi TV is an android app for watching movies and app design is similar to the desktop version, but with a little ‘ optimization for the mobile version. You can access almost all genres of movies and watch them. Tubi TV provides all the information related to the movie such as the description, the release date, etc.
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I hope you enjoyed this article, Top 10 Apps Movies for Android e iOS. Therefore, which Movie App your trust, please let us know in the Comment form below. We would love to hear from you. Thanks for reading

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